The Twist-a-Roo

A modern spin on “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” this warm-spirited, woodland tale celebrates the power of community and coming together to share in times of need.

Winter is fast approaching the forest and everyone is storing food for a long hibernation, except Badger who is determined to find something fun to play with during the cold months ahead. After poking around in people town, Badger finds a Twist-a-Roo. It makes flashy shapes, splashy shapes, and shapes that slide and slip! It’s perfect for brightening Badger’s den with lots of color. But when the snow starts piling on deeper and deeper, Badger’s cupboards go bare! All that razzle dazzle can’t fill her belly. Then…knockity-knock. Someone’s at the door!





“A fun—and kinder—reinvention of an old tale.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Whimsical wintry scenes…with airtight pacing and a beautiful ending, it’s sure to be a story hour favorite.”School Library Journal

“Bright pinks and yellows jump out from moody teal backdrops that evoke the chill of winter.”Foreword Reviews